Follow 7 steps if you injured in a construction accident

Work on construction site is a very dangerous. Every year in the US many people are injured on construction sites and many of them might even lose their lives. The life of a construction worker is full of dangers and injuries. Their work is very hard. Using powerful machinery, climbing to heights for work, working on the roadside and inside mines is not easy. Many people meeting an accident have been injured or dead after falling from heights, heavy material falling on them and even the road accidents during construction work.

Slip and falls, ladder accidents, electric shocks, machinery and road accidents are the a few common types of construction accidents. If you are working on a construction site then you need to know a few facts for the benefit of yourself and your coworkers. In case you or one of your coworker is injured on a construction site you need to hire a personal injury lawyer to ensure a fair compensation. An injury lawyer can play an important role for your injury cases. They represent you and will help to provide you medical bills and lost wages. If you are working on a construction site and you have been injured then don’t forget to follow these 7 tips.

Getting medical treatments

Protecting your life is always the first priority. If you have a major injury then first you need to take medical treatments. For any help you can call 911.

Reporting the accident

Don’t forget to report the accident to your supervisor. You should also notify it to your co-workers. Here the important thing is you need to give written notification about your injury to your supervisor within 30 days. Write down everything about your accident in your statement.

Contact with witness

Get all information from your co-workers and other people who have witnessed the accident. You need to write their names, address and also their phone numbers. It is important to get true information about the whole incident because if you not responsible for this accident then it will help you to prove your innocence.

Collect the important evidence at the scene

Before leaving the accident site you also need to collect important evidence from the scene. If you are injured by any faulty equipment then you can need to take a photo of the faulty equipment. Similarly if you are working on a construction site and you are injured by any construction vehicle failure then you need to take the photo of the vehicle. Don’t forget to take the photos of your injury. Remember, photos of the accident site can be strong evident for your case, if you have no witness.

Call the police

Calling the police is also necessary because the police investigates your case, and helps you to collect the evidence and makes a report of the accident. Later on, you can request the copy of the report the police has compiled. This report will also help you to get your injury compensation.

Hire a personal injury lawyer

Hiring a personal injury lawyer is also necessary if you have been injured on a construction site. If you have a major injury then it can be difficult for you to handle the situation. At this time you need to hire a personal injury lawyer. A lawyer investigates your case, collects all the evidence that is to relate to your case and also helps you to provide your compensation. Sometimes many insurance companies do not provide you a fair treatment in this situation a personal injury lawyer will play an important role because he/she represents you and does everything to provide you compensation you deserve.

Save all documents of the accident

Save all documents of the accident like medical bills, evidence, photographs and copy of the police report, if you want the deserved compensation. You can give all documents to your injury lawyer. All these documents will help them to make your case strong.


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