Tips from Rory Law Firm to consider after a Slip and Fall Accident

Accidents happens! Every year, millions of the people need to go to the hospital due to slip and fall accidents around the world. The results of the slip and fall accidents are different, as some people receive head injuries and some have broken bones. We never want to suffer any kind of injury due to any accident but many times, we are injured because of others negligence.

When you have an injury because of the negligence of other people, you can file claim to gain fair compensation to pay off your medical bills, lose wages, and other costs that arise because of the accident. Here are some important tips from one of the best Slip and Fall Injury Attorney in San Diego Rory Pendergast that you need to consider after a slip and fall accident.

Call Emergency Services:

The foremost advice is to Call Emergency Services. It is important since after accidents, we can look physically fit from outside, but we can have some internal injuries especially, in a slip and fall accident. Slip and fall can be a cause of a head injury. If not treated, at the right time, it can turn out into a huge problem. Therefore, after an accident call 911 immediately.

Inform the Second Party:

After the accident like a slip or fall occurs at the second party’s property then you must inform it to the right party, which may include the business owner, park manager, property owner, supervisor and more. There has to be a written report of the accident, which has entire details to relate your accident like cause of accident, witness report, contacts information. The main point here is the comparison when you tell about the accident only by phone or someone else.

You also need to confirm the accident to the police. Police will study your case and will help you collect the important evidence of your case. Do not forget to take a copy of your own report. It is necessary for getting fair compensation from the third party.

Find Out The Cause Of Accident:

It is necessary to figure out what is the exact cause of the accident. Uneven surface, ice, moisture, torn carpet, poorly constructed staircases, faulty sidewalks and other reasons are some causes of slip and fall accidents.

You need to confirm, what the cause of your accident is. If you fell down by poorly constructed staircase, then you can click the photographs or if you fell down because of something on the ground, then you can take a sample and you can use it in court as evidence.


Taking photographs of whole incident is necessary. It is considered a strong evidence for any kind of accident case. It can make your case strong and can increase your chance to win case for a fair compensation. Therefore, after accidents do not forget, click the photos, if you are not much injured. However, if you are injured then you also need to click the photos of your injury. It is necessary as if you have no witness and your case goes in court then these photos will help you give your claim.

Contact Personal Injury Lawyer:

Do not forget to contact a personal injury lawyer if you are injured by slip and fall accident. A Personal injury lawyer knows all legal process. He/she deeply studies your case, fight your case, represent you in court, and will help you grant fair compensation that you deserves.


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